Why Readsboro Arts needs members:

  • Members have real impact on the future of the organization. They select the directors who manage the organization each year.
  • Members determine the immediate schedule. Without members generously volunteering their time, Readsboro Arts would be unable to produce all of the programming so many Readsboro residents and visitors participate in.
  • Members support the organization financially. We exist to serve the community and so there is no fee for membership. Even so, a very large part of our income is from voluntary donations by members.
  • When Readsboro Arts seeks funding from other organizations, the applications frequently ask how large our membership is.

What Readsboro Arts asks of members:

Come to the annual meeting in January and say hello!

Support the growth of the Arts in Readsboro and the surrounding area.

Optionally, volunteer to work on a program committee: Readsboro Arts Festival; Summer Concerts; or Confluence.

Its easy to sign up and costs nothing!

(We will not sell or give away your personal information.)

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