Thank you to all our supporters!

We couldn’t have done it without them.

The board of directors of Readsboro Arts would like to thank the many people who helped to make all our events happen in 2015. Without their assistance we could not have produced six Arts Meets, four popular concerts in our town and the annual Readsboro Arts Festival this year.

We are very grateful for their time and efforts.

They are:

Rhonda Smith

Carole Fossbender

Cyndi Candiloro

Charlene Candiloro

Normajean Marchegiani

Cynthia Weiss

Kaitlynn Boyd

Karen Boisvert

Teddy Hopkins

Chris Smith

Readsboro Hometown Redevelopment Inc.

Berard’s Excavating

Catamount Carpet Cleaning

Readsboro Community Library

Ron and Tiger Waterman

Debora Coombs

Ellie Roden

Jane Jones

Mandy Comai

David Giddings

Barbara Harris

Jeannine Marie Quartet

Scott Ainslie

Greg Smith and the Broken English

Maverick Street Band

Whiskey Treaty Road Show

Tim Bradley

Stacy Birch

Aaron Lewis

Jeannette Eckert

Suzanne Francke

Roy Gibson and Patti Exner

Robert Lefebvre

Lisa Noyes

Mark Lowe

Anna Ryan

Linda Sherman

Jill Wheat